August 26, 2022

1. This petition is narrowly focused on the illegality of the Mesa County electronic,
computer-based voting system. The system is illegal because it systematically deletes
records in the normal course of its operation. Further, periodic updates of the system
delete all records located on the system at the time of the update. The records it deletes
are required to be preserved under Colorado and federal law. Accordingly, it is illegal to
continue to use the system.

2022-0819 Ex 1.1 - Doug Gould Resume

2022-0819 Ex 2 - DOJ Pub - Federal Law Constraints on Post-Election Audits

2022-0819 Verified Petition Mesa County

2022-0820 Amended Verified Petition El Paso County

D.Gould Decaration 8-12-2022