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The Colorado Republican Party provides for the political organization of citizens who believe they should control their government, and not the other way around.  The Colorado Republican Committee (CRC) bylaws[i] describe a series of MEETINGS and ASSEMBLIES where Republicans elect their Party representatives and Citizen Legislators. 

The following question was asked of a CRC Chairman Candidate:

“The Colorado GOP used unaudited (and probably unauditable) electronic voting at the last two state conventions. Electronic voting of any kind is incompatible with free and fair elections.  If elected party chair, would you commit to using only paper ballots at all state party events?”  

I have not seen the candidate’s reply, but I asked my friend who asked the question for information to prove we should not use electronic voting for the election of our officers.  He gave me this link to a Tom Scott video that was recorded prior to the 2020 election, https://youtu.be/LkH2r-sNjQs. (embedded below.)  He also told me about a much longer video, also embedded below, called Kill Chain: the Cyber War on America's Elections (2020) https://www.bitchute.com/video/WyEwjJ1Lgqjf/.  Now we have “Absolute Proof,” by Mike Lindell, at https://lindelltv.com/

In the Colorado Politics article about the probe into the validity of the last CRC Chairman’s election, Representative Mark Baisley said "If the right person doesn't get elected as a party officer or a party nominee, history changes. I frankly think it's a criminal act if someone does cheat on a party process."[ii]

The political reaction to COVID 19 have altered our lives.  On March 18, 2020, nearly a year ago, Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. surgeon general, said “if we can get all America to pitch in for the next 15 days, we can flatten the curve.”[iii]

Rather than working to “promote the principles and achieve the objectives of the Republican Party,” as reflected in the State and National Platforms,[iv] with few exceptions,[v] the CRC and Colorado legislators allowed the “15 days” suggestion to result in months-long destruction of public and private property and businesses through looting, legislation, and economic sanctions, often using COVID as an excuse.[vi] 

I say THE BUCK STOPS HERE.  The political nature of the disease is being exposed[vii] and the effectiveness of the “vaccine” is being questioned.[viii] The CRC must “promote the principles and achieve the objectives of the Republican Party”[ix] by “promoting the general welfare and securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”[x]

Early on, Dr Sherri Tenpenny declared: "If we can't get people to refuse to wear a mask, they're never going to refuse any of the rest of it."[xi] Bold leadership in the Republican Party could have saved Colorado from much of the hopelessness, loss, and needless self-imprisonment we are experiencing that other states are not. 

President Trump has shown what good Republican Leadership can do.  He and other Republicans swept the 2020 elections, but our nation’s enemies, foreign and domestic, “won” by fraud.[xii]  With questionable election results and feckless Republicans refusing to hold the perpetrators accountable, there is an organic nation-wide uprising of citizens working to bring justice and to replace the current GOP with one that will lead our state and nation to “establish Justice and insure domestic Tranquility.”[xiii]

 We need to elect bold leaders to the State Officer positions at the CRC State Organizational meeting.  To trust the election and to trust our leaders, the election MUST have integrity.

According to the 2021 CRC EMERGENCY BYLAW #5, even up to and including the “Orange COVID-19 Dial Level,” this “Critical Government Function​ may continue to operate without capacity limitations.”[xiv]

Therefore, I and other Patriots are demanding an in-person meeting with the votes being conducted on paper ballots. 

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