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The short version:

It seems like everywhere we go, people are saying it is time to open Colorado.  We believe the Colorado GOP should be using its position of leadership to help the people of Colorado get their lives back.

The Colorado Republican Committee (CRC) is electing new officers on March 27, 2021. Currently, the meeting is scheduled to take place virtually. However, many Republican Central Committee members – the people who are eligible to vote at the meeting – and many people who believe in the Republican Platform, believe it is time to show by example that Colorado Republicans are ready to lead the state to OPEN UP fully. By having this large, important Organizational Meeting in person, as described in state law and the CRC bylaws, Colorado’s Republicans can start to trust that the newly elected members of the GOP leadership are first and foremost concerned about ALL CITIZEN’S personal and economic welfare.

It seems like everywhere we go, people are talking about the importance of election integrity.  We believe the Colorado GOP should use its position of leadership to show by example a willingness to use tried-and-true paper ballots and hand counts to ensure that the newly elected members of the GOP leadership team were elected in a fully auditable election of highest integrity.

The longer version:  https://mycoloradogop.org/106-crc-meeting-must-be-in-person-with-voting-on-paper-ballots.

The following email was sent to all CRC members:


Congratulations on your recent election to the Colorado State Central Committee; we thank you for your commitment to serve!

As fellow Bonus Members, we believe that the absence of an in-person Organizational meeting quintessentially flies in defiance of what makes Colorado unique = WE ARE A CAUCUS STATE. We ARE Grassroots, we ASK QUESTIONS, we TALK TO FELLOW DELEGATES. We should NOT be bullied into accepting fear as the Status Quo.

Also, we believe it is time for us to show strong Republican leadership with an emphasis on election integrity, beginning within our Party. We must have fair, transparent and accurate auditable elections with a paper trail, meaning we must use PAPER BALLOTS.

We believe there are safe meeting alternatives available which should be explored. Perhaps we have one large meeting in central Colorado, or perhaps we have regional meetings with the teller committees reporting their tallies to a central teller committee. There IS a will, so there IS a way!

The time for political conformity and "business as usual” is over.

YOU have been elected to this position . . . not to hold a title and place a vote, but to represent the Republicans of your District, and most likely to return the GOP to its role of representatives of We The People.



CLICK HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S5NMWDR to sign our petition to demand that the Colorado SCC meetings be held IN PERSON and that all balloting takes place on PAPER BALLOTS. Please sign this petition by February 28, 2021.

We can't thank you enough for stepping forward in this critical time to stand for liberty, truth and transparency. The Grassroots of Colorado are reclaiming the GOP for the American People, and "we've only just begun!"

Thank you for your time.

It wasn’t easy. One of our team had to contact the Chairmen of the 64 different counties and make a personal request for the information to help contact voters on behalf of candidates. Although the Colorado GOP is not supposed to be a Secret Society and each of the people elected are legal representatives of their counties and districts to the State GOP, the members list is hidden behind password protection and has not been updated since 7-31-2020.


Peg Cage
Boulder County and CD4 Bonus Member

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Author of www.MyColoradoGOP.org,
Former: Candidate for SD18; Boulder County Republicans Chairman; CRC Executive Committee member; Longmont Republican Women President.

Nancy Pallozzi
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CD7 Secretary, Former Candidate for CD7 State Board of Education

Jimi McFarland,
Chairman of North Jeffco Tea Party, Member of Jeffco Liberty Coalition

Anil Mathai
Daddy of three Amazing Angels, Former Adams County Republican Party Chairman

Ben Nicholas
American, Adams County Republican Party IEC Director

Chuck Bonniwell
CD7 Representative of Republican State Executive Committee

Amy Ollivier
Boulder County and CD4 Bonus Member
Executive Director, MAGA Trump Colorado

Mike Donahue
Chairman of South Jeffco Tea Party, Member of Jeffco Liberty Coalition

Susan Beckman
Former State Representative HD 38
Trump Administration Presidential Appointee Health and Human Services Regional Director

Vickie Tonkins
El Paso County GOP Chair
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shannon Buckley
Colorado State Leader MAGA Drag the Interstate
American, Jefferson County resident

Christina M Lewis
United States LEGAL Voter & American
205 Willow Drive
Lochbuie CO 80603
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you would like your name added to the above list, please email Peg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TAKE THE SURVEY: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S5NMWDR

Survey Results as of 10:40 p.m., March 18, 2021:

A Yes vote indicates that I am in favor of meeting in-person for the State GOP Central Committee meeting on March 27, 2021.
Total votes - 260. Yes - 251. No - 9.

A Yes vote indicates that I am in favor of paper ballots, in lieu of electronic, as the form of voting in the State GOP Central Committee meeting on March 27, 2021.
Total votes - 259. Yes - 247. No - 12. Skipped - 1.

A Yes vote indicates that I was elected into the State Republican Central Committee, to be held on March 27, 2021, as a voting member of the committee.
Total votes - 259. Yes - 147. No - 110. Skipped - 1.

A Yes vote indicates that I stand for election integrity within the Colorado State Republican party and ask for them to change the voting and meeting procedures at their meeting on March 27, 2021.
Total votes - 258. Yes - 251. No - 7. Skipped - 2.

A Yes vote indicates this is my legal signature on the petition request.
Total votes - 258. Yes - 257. No -1. Skipped - 2.


Letter from Greig Veeder and Brooke Smith-Dean (Click to read)

Trust. A letter from Liz Veeder to Ken Buck (Click to read)

Letter about SCC Meeting from Elizabeth, Peter, and Olivia Lupia (Click to read)

ANIL MATHAI - COGOP - Stop the Spousal Abuse Syndrome!



I support a push to audit the 2020 election in Colorado and nationally.

How can the GOP possibly think it is ok with us to use electronic voting? We the PEOPLE DEMAND FAIR ELECTIONS. If you have any thoughts of our donation money going to the GOP you have to represent US, not your own political desires.

Without election integrity - we lose our constitutional right to free and fair elections. Stop the deliberate, wanton and willful fraud now.

Many additional comments, that I intend to say directly to our “GOP representatives” faces due to their inability to read or form any coherent thought that isn’t liberal regurgitation.

Is there a set time & place as of yet? If not, will I be notified by email?

I would like to be more involved in protecting our rights as Americans.

I "Strongly" believe that ALL Elections should be held on Paper Ballots Only, Audible by WE THE PEOPLE...

Colorado SCC meetings must be held IN PERSON and all balloting must take place on PAPER BALLOTS.

We will continue to fight for the truth

I am a resident not a representative

Precinct captain, El Paso GOP.

Get rid of all mail in voting!

go basic when voting. it is easier to check.

The only way to guarantee election integrity is to return to paper ballots and in person voting! Also demand proof of ID at elections to guarantee voter eligibility. It is an honor to vote in this country, and citizens must make the effort to insure election integrity. What happened in 2020 must never occur again!

Please start with paper ballots as a demonstration of what should be the policy for the entire state, all elections, and the country as well, to make election integrity a priority! Get rid of the machines!!!

If you are an American Patriot you must stand for Truth and Freedom.

Ballot security, whether paper or electronic, is of paramount importance. Our party needs to set the example for election integrity.

Election integrity is the number one issue voters care about. And we are watching who is fighting for it, and who is not.

Paper, hand counted ballots are an absolute must. Voter ID is also a must.

I urge you to consider using paper ballots only that are hand counted with required number of checks and balances observering. The people will not have trust again in the election or voting processes using ballot machines or electronic devices.

End Election Fraud! End Dominion! Require ID !

I stand firmly against electronic voting of any kind.

Bill of Rights, Constitution, and Declaration of Independence

Great work!

Changing to an in person meeting at the last minute after people have planned on a virtual meeting is frustrating. I agree that in person is generally preferred, but people (including myself) have already made plans to attend virtually. By attending virtually, my husband is still able to work and I do not have to find child care. I also don't have to worry about driving on potentially bad roads. I think changing last minute is a good way to make sure that certain people cannot participate. If nothing else, offer a choice.

Elect leaders who are accountable and who have time and energy to fulfill the the requirements of the positions to which they are elected.

In addition to having paper ballots, we need to make sure our ballot tallying system is secure and not able to be tampered with.

The GOP must realize that the dirty tricks of the past will no longer work. We will not tolerate any representative that doesn't stand for election integrity.

We need to learn about our county Sheriffs.

Our reps are required to protect our right to an honest vote.

We continue the fight for election integrity and DEMAND in person paper ballot voting. In my opinion, hand counted paper ballots are THE ONLY form of voting we can trust at this point! We have been through too much to risk it and we DESERVE 100% integrity and accuracy within our own party! If you aren’t with us, YOU’RE AGAINST US! There is NO MORE ROOM for games or EXCUSES.

Way to go GOP!

I am in favor of meeting and voting in person, but the timing of this decision clearly makes logistics for those of us on the western slope more challenging.

Transparency please 🙏

Let’s get an in person meeting!

What happens if someone is unable to attend in person? The legislation passed does not allow for proxies. This late hour change does not work for many. Question 4 is ridiculous. I stand for election integrity but do not support this late hour change. Therefore i cannot answer that question and it makes it look like I am not in favor of election integrity.


I think it would be prudent to hold in person as well as electronic voting for those who may not be able to attend in person.

Thank you for doing this. I am glad we will be meeting in person.

Paper ballots provide election integrity!

Get real, get together, and let's get busy

Thank you Peg for leading this endeavor!  (You're welcome!  It's so important.  I have some great help and support.  We can do this!)

We can, I feel, be more satisfied with clear meeting conversation.

There are many creative ways to subdivide a room so there are not 175 people "in one room." We can have our cake and eat it too! let's do this!

...so far what I have heard (from the state party) is that there is nothing to see here folks so move along when it comes to election integrity, including holding the state Central Committee meeting in person using paper ballots. Thank you.

Expect a viable written explanation/reason - NOT COVID or timing related - be provided to all members as to why an in-person meeting cannot be held should the meeting remain in an online format. When the in-person meeting does take place, would expect a viable written explanation/reason - NOT difficulty of process - be provided to all members as to why in-person secret paper balloting cannot be utilized in lieu of questionable electronic formats.

For Election integrity, we must return to in person voting with verifiable paper trail. I agree, CO GOP CC voting in person with paper ballots is a great start. Purple thumbs would be a plus.

We need Masks off our children NOW

Pls take action to protect the integrity of our elections. We all know electronic voting is completely compromised. We must take action to secure our electoral process and restore some semblance of public trust

Voting integrity is an extremely critical issue to insure FAIR and rightfully conducted elections so that voters can be free from a perpetual one party system which will destroy our nation.

I do hope we can have a productive meeting and election. I do believe in voter integrity. Let's get some good people elected to serve as Colorado State GOP representatives.

Thank you for the consideration.

We must stand up to the tyranny of Governor Polis in as many ways as possible.

We have many volunteers who will count paper ballots, post election. Electronic voting is not trustworthy and nor are the humans programming the machines.

Protect our election process, keep it fair and honest.

Thank you for getting this moving

Paper ballots in person on election day only with a government issued picture ID

Stop the foolishness; reopen our state and restore in election integrity with in-person GOD meetings and paper ballots!

I am tired of the fear- false evidence appearing real.

No Mask Required

We need to bring integrity back to voting

There is too much proof of election fraud using unreliable electronics. We the people want an honest election and believe the only way to accomplish this is to go back to paper ballots and voter IDs.

I would like in person regional meetings with the teller committees reporting their tallies to a central teller committee. I don't think it is fair that the far reaches of the state always are the ones having to travel. Regional meetings are an answer to that.

Representing Adams County, Colorado. Election integrity is an absolute essential if we are to build trust among Republicans and the Unaffiliated.

No electronic voting

In 2021, the Colorado GOP Central Committee needs to vote by +75% to reinstate the closed primary system for selecting all GOP candidates. And, only Republicans of at least one year's registration as a GOP member should be allowed to vote in the party's primaries. The GOP cannot hope to attain governing power again in Colorado otherwise.

Time to get real conservative republicans in the lead in this state if we ever want to get our state back. Out with the old, in with the new.

Registered Unaffiliated due to the monitoring of the Voter Registration by the Democrats.

We need an auditable election for state party officers. We need to lead by example.

Is it possible to start a ballot initiative to go back to paper ballots for the state using no machines?

We must stop mail in voting across America or we will lose our country

In person meeting critical, even if we have to meet in Cheyenne, Wyoming!

Clean up voter rolls and eliminate dominion voter state-wide

Please do not let the fraud happen again. We need honest elections.

I would like The Co GOP to return to a closed primary and Dominion machines removed

End Virtual Only Meetings Now!!!

I am not certain there are issues with the voting machines within the State GOP CC meetings. However, I do believe that with the rise in voting errors the paper ballot option is a feel-good option but I will support it.

Let's get back to doing business. I do not accept the "new normal" brought about by COVID.

Get it done. Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

We must vote to opt out of the open primaries.

Quit having everything in Denver. Everyone in Denver thinks that the world revolves Denver. Enough!!!!

Let's start leading!

Vet all candidates and officers to our US Constitution and Conservative Republican platform!!


Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections | Full Documentary for DEF CON | HBO