April 7, 2021 By: Tom Tancredo

(Reprinted with permission from the America's Citizen Press article)

Who knew that measures to reduce election cheating revealed so many maladies that only afflict black and brown people? I remember that sickle cell anemia is far more prevalent in black Americans than white, but it amazed me to discover that black and brown Americans are plagued by illnesses brought on by… voting requirements designed to reduce cheating!

Here’s one: It is “debilitating” for blacks to get water from a self-service dispenser; to protect their health, someone must bring a bottle with campaign messages on it to them as they stand in line.

Here’s another: Blacks must have months instead of weeks to turn in their ballots, or they may develop chronic illnesses.

Naturally, my liberal colleagues in Congress forcefully asserted that something in the genetic makeup of black and brown Americans prevented them from obtaining government-issued IDs, even when offered for free. These same “experts” on race biology also claim that when blacks are forced to show ID in order to vote, it triggers some sort of malady that medical science has yet to discover.

The apparent difficulty in nailing down the parameters of Show ID to Vote Syndrome (PIDVT) is the fact that its symptoms seem only to crop up when showing an ID in order to vote, but not for cashing a check, boarding a plane, entering a bar, buying a gun… or entering the Democrat National Convention.

Nevertheless, President In Name Only (PINO) Biden declared at his March 25 “press conference” that these cheater suppression measures are “the most pernicious thing” and added that “this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

Of course, nobody knows what he meant by that (including him). Still, one thing is certain: PINO Biden’s attempt to present himself as a modern-day conductor on the underground railroad can’t survive even a basic reality check. Review his many statements as a U.S. Senator going back to 1973, and you will find that, in today’s vernacular, Senator Biden was a racist white supremacist. Back then, Joe Biden worried that busing and “non-orderly” integration would lead his children to grow up in an unstable environment.

“Unless we do something about this,” he intoned, “my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having been built so high that it is going to explode at some point.”

A few years later, Joe Biden supported a bill that stopped the IRS from revoking the tax status of segregated “white flight” schools. He explained that “social planners think that if we just subrogate man’s individual characteristics and traits by making sure that a presently heterogenous society becomes a totally homogenous society, that somehow we are going to solve our social ills.”

Joe Biden later praised notorious segregationist Governor George Wallace and suggested the Democrats party should think seriously about embracing him. And who could forget his glowing account of Barack Obama as the first African-American who is “articulate and bright and clean.”

Joe Biden’s praise for fellow racists didn’t end there. He also gave a glowing eulogy of former KKK Exalted Cyclops Robert S. Byrd, a Democrat senator revered by… the Democrat Party. Biden described Byrd as a “guide,” “friend,” and “mentor” who was “fiercely devoted to his principles.”

In fact, all this hyperbolic, cancel-culture claptrap about Georgia’s attempt to “suppress” voting is just lies lobbed into the public square in hopes of slowing down the cheater suppression bills now rolling through state legislatures all over the U.S.A.

But don’t take my word for it; The lies PINO Biden and his accomplices spew are so bad that even that paragon of progressive virtue (signaling), the Washington Post, was forced to display a bit of journalistic integrity and award PINO Biden “Four Pinocchios” for the whoppers he told during that… press conference.

And we now watch Fortune 500 CEOs rush to the virtue-signaling booth to express their shock at what Georgia did to suppress election cheating. Yet, in their expressions of outrage, not a single Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Black Rock, or MLB exec could cite any specific examples of voter “suppression.” That’s because the bill is designed to suppress cheating, not voting.

If you need any proof that this flap is anything but political theatre, consider this. MLB is moving the All-Star Game from a mostly black city to Denver, a mostly white city, and into a state with very similar voting regulations to Georgia. The only real difference is that Colorado is a totally blue state with a gay Democrat Governor. But the media operates on the “Don’t look here. Nothing to see” rule when it comes to reporting inconvenient facts.

Finally, guess who knows exactly what’s going on? America’s black and brown communities, that’s who. Polling shows a huge majority of black and brown Americans support efforts to suppress cheating at the polls. They know liberals paint them as too stupid to vote without the helping hand of a patronizing white liberal leading them to the ballot box. They also know this is not only false and dehumanizing; it is racist at its core. And to the extent that these same liberals actually believe these canards, it is a great example that racism actually is still a problem in America. Maybe PINO Biden and his accomplices are just channeling the Exalted Cyclops who led them for so long. I suspect, however, that it has less to do with racism and more to do with preserving their opportunities to cheat the voters, not empower them.