September 11, 2021

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Open Letter to the Office of the President

Dear Joseph Robinette Biden,

As we reflect on this somber 20th anniversary since the attacks on America, I hope this letter finds you well.  White House staff advised you had no public events today.  I believe that is fitting.

Americans are realizing the severity of the crises we are in.  Many have concluded you are unfit for the office.  Many believe you were fraudulently elected.  I will go further, and declare my belief you are a fraudulently installed agent under the influence of a foreign power. 

Whether or not you fully comprehend your situation, Americans clearly recognize those pulling your strings oppose American greatness, leadership, and sovereignty.  We know you aren’t in charge – you’ve repeatedly told us so.  Handlers tell you whom to recognize at press conferences.  They tell you when to take no questions and walk away – no matter the size of the disaster you’ve just caused. 

As Americans come to realize your incompetence, a growing majority also recognizes you were not fairly elected.  Evidence of fraud in multiple states supports their conclusions, and more evidence is revealed every day.  Facts are overwhelming the lies.  You once stated your team had developed the most extensive voter fraud network in history.  We believe you, and we clearly observed you needed every bit of it on November 3rd, 2020.  As you may recall, it required five states to stop counting votes in the middle of the night and alter the tallies so you could claim “victory”.  Seven months into this decrepit regime, and that is the only “victory” you can claim.

Your incompetence in Afghanistan is more than enough to warrant your impeachment and removal by the 25th Amendment.  Americans have long known of your amateurish and corrupt foreign policy – it was sufficiently displayed during your tenure as a senator and as vice president.  Members of your own party laugh at how you’ve been wrong on every major foreign policy issue.  President Obama noted you have an uncanny ability to “f**k things up”. 

Still, you had enough moxie to defend your humiliating retreat from Afghanistan by declaring, “The mission has not failed, yet.”  It sure looked like failure to millions of Americans, Joe, and to the world.  Abandoning Americans in Afghanistan will be your legacy – as will looking at your watch while deceased American military members were being repatriated at Dover AFB.  You gave those American sons and daughters the worst mission support this nation has ever witnessed.  Patriotic Americans will console the families of the fallen and advise the world that while those brave men and women were working with inadequate assets and guidance – because you caved to Taliban demands, Joe – those heroic Americans believed in our efforts in Afghanistan, and they died saving people trying to get home and away from merciless tyranny.  That is heroism you will never understand, Joe, and the images of you checking your watch as they came home will remain forever.

Your disgraceful exit from Afghanistan – under terms dictated by the brutal Taliban – abandoned Americans, allies, and working dogs.  Today, Joe, on the most somber of days, Americans remain stuck in Afghanistan, waiting for your inept State Department to negotiate with terrorists.  Just more legacy Americans will never forget, Joe.

Here at home, you work to disarm law-abiding American citizens.  Yet you left hundreds of thousands of weapons, and millions of rounds of ammunition in Afghanistan.  Those weapons will be used to kill Americans, allies, and innocents for decades to come.  The gun control debate in America is officially over, Joe.  You will not disarm Americans while you simultaneously arm terrorists.  This failure makes your gun-running “Fast and Furious” fiasco in Mexico during the Obama Administration look like a well-crafted plan, and your Benghazi disaster seem a minor miscalculation.  We won’t forget the lives lost in those disasters, either.

If our Congress were manned with duly-elected members, you would already be impeached and removed.  Instead, those despots side with you and encourage your outrageous pork kickback projects that bankrupt our country.

You work to implement vaccine mandates on the country, while the federal government lies about the efficacy of the experimental vaccine, changes reporting guidelines, CDC definitions, and statistics on side-effects.  Your policies are bent on control and dominion over the public, while federal agencies lie to keep people ignorant and compliant. 

This is no longer a government serving the people.  It is an entity built for control over the masses by the power-elite.  Your edicts are unconstitutional, but while they get sorted out in courts, you will have devastated our health care industry and our entire economy.  Whose interests does that benefit, Joe?  Perhaps you could ask one of your handlers. 

I can report to you, as an elected representative in rural America, I see the end of compliance to mask mandates, rejection of mandatory vaccinations, vaccine “passports”, and proposed highway checkpoints.  I also see parents growing weary of fighting schools that work in opposition to families’ stated interests.  Public schools will be decimated as parents home school or seek private options.

You have thrown down several dangerous gauntlets simultaneously.  Your renewed efforts to weaponize our government against the people have discouraged and enraged Americans, and that is a dangerous combination.  I do not expect Americans will further submit to these unceasing demands.  We know our own Declaration of Independence, and we recognize the growing parallels between today and 1776.

To be clear, Mr. Biden, Americans know we are blessed to have the best system of government in the world, and no one on the side of liberty wishes a revolution.  But while we recognize the genius of our system of government, today we clearly see it is manned with frauds and agents that are not working in our interests.  The current situation is not sustainable.   

On this somber September 11th, I urge you to acknowledge the inevitable reckoning that is coming as America reawakens.  Resign, and enjoy the largesse this nation has allowed you.

In Liberty,

Ron Hanks, State Representative, Colorado