I was afraid.

The scientists, experts, and world news said the virus was everywhere.  It stayed on surfaces for days.  If you were to catch it, you would die.  If you did not die, you would get extremely sick and pass it on to someone else.  You could catch it and not develop any symptoms, but anyone you breathed on would probably catch it and some would die.

So, I stayed home.  The world stayed home.  We Skyped and conference called and Zoomed (that seems like an oxymoron, to “Zoom” when you’re stuck!).  Working from home was no longer just an option for a lucky few.  Weddings, graduations, conferences, churches, and festivals were shut down.  “Non-essential” businesses were closed.  Nursing homes were shut down and their residents imprisoned in their rooms, locked away from their families and unable to see a comforting familiar face.  Many died that way.  Many are still “living” that way.

But it was all for the good of the cause.  We had to “flatten the curve” and empty the hospitals for the certain onslaught of COVID victims.  Being compassionate Americans, we chose to comply with the recommendations of the experts.

It is now June 24th.  Colorado’s governor just extended his “emergency” mandates until July 19th.  On May 17th, I attended an Open Colorado Now rally at the capitol.  Hundreds of people gathered, mostly un-masked, mashed together in their patriotic garb, holding encouraging signs and waving flags.  We talked, chanted “USA,” and sang the National Anthem together.  No outbreak was reported afterward.  We all know now that if there had been an outbreak, it would have been reported.

I was back at the capitol on June 7th to rally with thousands of people against SB-163, the bill to give government more control over parental choices about vaccines.  Again, no reported outbreak from that gathering or from the thousands of BLM protesters on the streets and on the opposite side of the now-heavily vandalized capitol building. 

I am not afraid anymore.

The only thing consistent throughout these past several bizarre months has been the media, insisting we should be very afraid. 

No.  I’d rather be aware and compassionate and use common sense.  I’d rather believe, as the founders of our nation did, that each sovereign individual should decide when they will gather, how close they will stand, if they want to wear a mask or not, and how they will exchange their goods and services. 

The Declaration of Independence states that we were “created equal,” with certain God-given rights.  The United States government was created to “secure” those rights.  In that document, prior to listing the many grievances they had against the tyrannies of the King of Great Britain, it says that it is the “right” and “duty” of the people to throw off that oppressive governing body and “provide new Guards for their future security.”

We must “throw off” every government official who believes that the livelihoods of some of their constituents are “non-essential.”  The dividing line has never been clearer about which government party needs to be thrown off.  The Democrats’ platform and actions seem to be like the Devil’s; to “kill, steal, and destroy.”  They use fear and threats to control the people.  The Republican’s platform reveres God-given equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  True Republicans believe that the people will control themselves when their sovereignty, responsibility, and high moral character are recognized by a righteous government and when it is only the lawbreakers who need to fear government.


“We the people” are supposed to be in charge.  We can no longer afford to sit back and let government happen to us.  We the people must throw off the people in government who would rather rule over us than represent us.  We the people must find, support, elect, defend, and even become, the true Republicans who are office holders or candidates in every district and every branch of government.

I’m Peg Cage, a 50-year resident of majestic Boulder County, and I would be honored to have your strong support in my race for Colorado State Senate District 18, which includes the city of Boulder and much of rural Boulder County.  Please visit my website at www.GovernmentOFthePeople.us

Some resources:
John “TIG” Tiegen encourages Colorado business owners to open their businesses on 6/17/2020. https://youtu.be/b0kDnMR7ehA

Robert Kennedy Jr. speaks on 6/7/2020 against mandated vaccinations and addresses the dangers of the COVID vaccine - https://youtu.be/WTIquaV9kwY

Greg Lopez, Republican candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor in 2022, speaks on 6/22/2020 in regard to Governor Polis's COVID mandates extension - https://youtu.be/DYHIFXYb4nU

Boulder County Candidates Peg Cage and Ken Stickney host Greg Lopez to give hope to small business owners in Colorado in regard to the extended, unconstitutional rules that are severely harming their livelihoods.

Debbie Georgatos interviews Dr. Richard Bartlett on America Can We Talk.  Dr. Bartlett said he has cured 100% of the COVID patients he's served with a simple generic steroid. 

They can no longer claim that it's the fear of COVID that is causing this tyranny.  It's simply tyranny.  The disease isn't as bad as once thought and now has cures! Please watch this America Can We Talk interview with host Debbie Georgatos and Dr. Richard Bartlett and Congressman Ralph Abraham 7.15.20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUOCo9KZTWg

Two Republican Colorado State House Candidates Sue Governor and Health Departments over mask mandates. CLICK HERE.