Peg Cage
Colorado Republican Committee Member
Former Candidate for CO State Senate District 18
Former Boulder County Chairman
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Dear Freedom Lovers,

Colorado's County Parties have the last word in certifying Colorado's elections, and this year it is imperative for the survival of our Republic that every Republican Canvass Board member knows that they are NOT REQUIRED to certify their county's elections if they cannot in good conscience verify the election results. 

Sidney Powell, a member of President Trump's legal team, told Lou Dobbs that it would be "stupid" to certify this election with all the hard evidence of fraud they are gathering.  (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SFCXPw1t17o).  This morning, she took part in a Trump Campaign Press Conference with Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani, and they all claimed there is overwhelming proof of election fraud throughout America on a scale large enough to overturn the decisive win that President Trump had on election night.  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=py_XBdvMZdI

The County Audit and Canvass Board meetings must be completed by November 25th.  The counties are in the Audit process now, with the Canvass Boards meeting afterwards.  It is important that the Canvass members know that we support them in refusing to certify this election.  They are appointed by the county party, so the best way to contact them is by contacting Colorado GOP County  Officers and telling them that they have your support.

At the following link are articles from Boulder County Republicans, BCR Canvass Board members, and others.  Included are reports from the many past elections which BCR refused to certify.  The articles can be found at:  https://mycoloradogop.org/index.php/articles/81-update-on-the-320-people-with-the-election-s-final-say

We believe it is the Canvass Board's responsibility to VERIFY that We the People have voted in an election which reflects the following criteria.  (Read DESCRIPTION OF CERTIFYING AN ELECTION). 

1. Every eligible elector is given the opportunity to vote once.
2. No ineligible ballots are cast.
3. No ineligible votes are counted.
4. Every eligible vote is interpreted and counted once.
5. All election records and processes are transparent.
6. Every cast ballot and cast vote is anonymous.

We represent the Party whose roots are in the mandate to "Keep the Republic."  Therefore, it is the party's responsibility to VERIFY that the election in Colorado was conducted such that canvass members can certify compliance to each of the 6 points above. 

Boulder County Republicans know that Boulder County's elections have had a lack of integrity for nearly two decades.  Most elections during that time have not been unanimously certified because BCR members refused to sign the certificate.  Even so, the county clerk's public narrative is that Boulder County sets the example for "safe" elections in Colorado.  The Secretary of State proclaims Colorado as the "Gold Standard" for safe elections.  Note that the word is "safe," and not "honest" or "verifiable."  Understandably, the worse the elections get, the worse the government gets.  It is our responsibility to stop this decline in election integrity.

The GOP Officers and Canvass Members must know their rights and responsibilities to protect the votes of their constituents.  It is imperative that the canvass members have a strong support team going into the process.  They will, or have been, presented with reams of information.  Sometimes, the information is delivered the night before the meeting, and in Boulder County it is often presented in .pdf or .jpg format to make it harder to use. 

The pressure to simply sign the certificate is huge, as no clerk wants to have their work challenged.  Most clerks believe their process, and therefore the election result, is impeccable, even though the system itself makes integrity impossible.  During one Canvass Board meeting, the Boulder County Clerk and her staff so greatly pressured canvass members to sign the certificate that it physically affected a BCR member nearly to the point of making her vomit.  But she refused to sign and is now on record as a hero for election integrity.  We cannot have a Republic without election integrity.

The federal government may get involved with Colorado's alleged election fraud this year.  But right now, it is our responsibility to protect the elections in Colorado, and I propose that the first step is to convince our canvass board members that they should not certify the elections in their counties in this 2020 general election. 

Thank you for all you do to help Save the Republic.  Now more than ever, each of us should don the armor of God, pray hard, and work hard for the good of our state and country! 


Peg Cage
Refusing to be a FORMER free American
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Peg Cage
2020 Candidate for Colorado Senate District 18
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.