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Help Fund the Challenge to Colorado’s Open Primary



A first step to ELECTION INTEGRITY is Republican Party Integrity.


SAVE COLORADO! Tell the Colorado Republican Central Committee (CRC) members to vote to opt-out of the 2022 open primary election when they meet this Fall.  The 517 CRC voting members will determine the future of the Colorado Republican Party and ultimately, the state of Colorado.  Will the Republican Party fight for constitutional values and a republican form of government, or will we continue to live under the control of tyrants?

Why we think the Republican Party should Opt-Out:

  • It is unconstitutional for government to force a private entity to allow non-members to vote in their selection of candidates for the general election – even under the guise of a ballot initiative.
  • Since including non-Republicans in Republican Party primary elections, Republican registration is down, and the number of seats held by Republicans is down.
  • Republicans should be able to select candidates who believe in and adhere to the Republican Platform and its principles, rather than those who skew left to appeal to the influential primary voters from outside the Party.
  • Colorado’s government has become oppressive, the cost of living has gone up, and the quality of life has gone down since all general election candidates have been elected with the influence of people who have chosen not to affiliate with either Party.
  • Republican Primary Elections are being influenced by large amounts of funding from non-Republican operatives supporting candidates weak on Republican principles.
  • The election integrity of Colorado’s state-run elections is questionable. Why, given the chance to Opt-Out of the state-run primary election, would Republicans subject their most important Party business, the selection of general election candidates, to elections run and counted by Democrats?

Contact information for (some) State and County voting members is at www.cologop.org

Republican State Legislators are also State Central Committee voting members.  To find your state legislators, visit https://leg.colorado.gov/find-my-legislator.

Visit Representative David William's website: www.electionintegrityfight.com

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A stroll through history.

  1. 2002, Rutt Bridges (of “The Blue Print” fame) finances the ballot initiative for mail in ballots; it fails.
  2. 2002, Dominion Voting Systems Corporation, founded. U.S. Headquarters based in Denver, CO.
  3. 2002, The Blue Print plan starts to be implemented, strategically targeting republican legislators.
  4. 2012, Democrats take the House, Senate and the Governorship.
  5. 2013, mail in balloting begins with a partisan vote of Democrats, no Republican voted for it.
  6. 2016, Kent Thiry (CEO of Divita) a registered Unaffiliated finances Proposition 107 and 108 to open primaries, it passes with less than 50% of registered voters participating.
  7. 2020, The Blue Print plan continues to be implemented, strategically targeting republican legislators. Millions of dollars start to flow into Colorado Republican primary races supporting weaker candidates to replace solid candidates.

Call to Action

April - August 2021

  • Join the mailing list on MyColoradoGOP.org. We won’t bombard you with emails.  Read our articles while you are there.

  • Join MyColoradoGOP.org on Facebook for updates and to join the conversation.

  • Educate your local COGOP State Central Committee members to join us and vote to OPT OUT and Overturn Open Primaries.



Why Should Republicans Opt Out of the Semi-Open Primary?
1. It is unconstitutional – “States may not use election regulations to undercut political party’s freedoms of speech or association” – Justice Antonin Scalia in Washington State Grande v. Washington State Republican Party (18 March 2008).

2. We must reverse these detrimental effects that the open primary has had on the Republican Party and our representative form of government:

  • Weakened caucus and assembly participation
  • Drop in Republican registration
  • Loss of elections
  • Increased tax burdens for the state and counties
  • Candidates who reject the values of the Republican Platform
  • Increased need for election workers’ time resulting in less campaign help
  • Outside money supporting left-leaning “Republicans” in primary elections, etc.
  • Forced participation in state-run, Democrat controled, untrustworthy elections.

How Can Republicans Opt Out (and Stay Out!) of the Semi-Open Primary?
The must unify against it.  At the Colorado Republican State Central Committee (SCC) meeting in the fall of each odd-numbered year, an Opt-out vote must be held.  An unconscionably high 75% of the entire voting membership of the SCC must vote to opt out.  ALL members must attend the Fall SCC meeting, either in person or by Proxy, and vote to Opt Out!  Then the Republican Party must sue the state to overturn the unconstitutional law.

What Can I DO to Help?
We’re glad you asked!  Get involved!  Join our www.MyColoradoGOP.org mailing list and Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/477875893459341.  Remember - the voting members of the Republican Party were elected through the caucus and assembly/convention process, meaning THEY REPRESENT YOU (if you’re a registered Republican)!  https://mycoloradogop.org/2-my-gop/16-caucus-assembly-convention-process  Please encourage your party representatives to attend the Fall SCC meeting and vote to opt out.  If they won’t attend (in person or by proxy), be prepared to replace them in 2022 with a Republican who will stand for the integrity of the Party and Colorado.  A list of County Party Chairmen and County GOP website links is at the Colorado State GOP website, www.cologop.org.  THANK YOU!

Contacts for this project

Peg Cage, Bonus Member, Boulder County
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Ben Nicholas, Bonus Member, Adams County
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Anil Mathai, Bonus Member, Adams County
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Chuck Bonniwell, Bonus Member, Adams County
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  303-204-4874

Jimi McFarland
Bonus Member, Jefferson County

Joe Janecky
HD 35 Vice Chairman
HD 35 District Captain
SCC Bonus Member