July 14, 2022

Updated for 2023



The Secretary of State and Colorado County Clerk’s Association members have not conducted a primary election with verifiable results.  Again.  Canvass board members will be expected to certify the 2023 municipal elections after seeing the clerk’s spreadsheets and being told it’s their duty to sign the certificate.

Canvass Board members – DO NOT SIGN!  Put an X on the line and write “Refused to certify.”

Canvass Boards are made up of one or two representatives from each major party and the county clerk.  KBB's State GOP failed to inform the county chairmen of their responsibility to appoint canvass board members.  If the chairman misses the deadline to appoint, the clerk legally appoints a “Republican” member.  The canvass board members may then believe they serve the clerk, rather than the party and their constituents.  Since the clerk and her appointed members are committed only to the process and not to a verifiable outcome, they certify the election, and their constituents must live under a government that was “selected,” not elected.    

The Canvass Board meeting is the last step in the election process.  In the days before modernized elections, Canvass members could compare the bipartisan Election Judges’ signed “ballots cast” reports from each precinct to the ballots counted by the county clerk and VERIFY that the numbers were the same.  Now, “ballots cast” is the “number of ballots received by the county clerk, not including those returned undeliverable.”  Unverifiable ballots received, equals ballots counted, equals "certifiable" election.  

Gone are the verification processes of each elector which were once performed by sworn-to-honesty bipartisan judges prior to their ballots being cast.  Ballots are now mailed out to every name that ends up on the SOS's bloated electronic poll books and deemed eligible with a two-second glance of an untrained election judge.  The counting is being done in uncertifiable trust-me-bro black-box systems that are illegal for the clerks to even access and have been proven to allow manipulation of the count.

Colorado citizens must stop allowing it to be “enough to know there was an election…” (…it’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes).  We must demand honest elections.  It starts by refusing to certify elections that are not verifiable.

What happens if several counties refuse to certify?  The “selected” legislature has given the “selected” Secretary of State the power to override the counties’ decisions and certify the state’s election, regardless of the unverifiable vote counts from the counties.  We cannot be satisfied with tyrants telling us we must live with the government they give us.  We must demand a recount, along with forensic audits.  If we aren’t satisfied that the election was honest, then we have a re-vote.  An election with verified eligible electors, voting on one day, in person, on paper ballots, with hand counted results. 

Of course, that's not how it happens in this pretend government.  We can hope the Attorney General will take up our case and make the Secretary of State prove the elections are honest (she can't), or at the least, overturn SB22-153, or SOMETHING.  Maybe we don't know what would happen.  But we do know what happens if we continue to certify bad elections - we continue to get bad government.  Let's do what is in our power and our right to do and refuse to certify the elections, then pray that God will help us clean up this mess!

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