January 18, 2023
By Peg Cage

Not one person has cast a ballot in Colorado since the 2016 primary election.

The definition of ballots cast is now “’Ballots Cast’ means the total number of ballots received by the county clerk in an election,” (not including those returned undeliverable.)

To certify elections, bipartisan canvass board members must confirm there were not more ballots counted in each precinct than were "cast."  Now, every ballot "received" by the clerk is "cast."  The ballots received are counted, so the numbers reconcile every time, because by definition they are the same.  Voter verification is not and cannot be considered.

This definition is nonsensical and violates Colorado's simple language law.  It was created by Wayne Williams in response to Boulder County Republicans’ repeated refusal to certify elections where most ballots were cast by mail.  BCR proved that it is no longer possible to verify who cast a ballot and therefore the voter’s eligibility and the ballot's validity is questionable. 

Rather than get rid of the problematic mail ballots, the Secretary of State got rid of the voters.  Problem solved.  All elections are “certifiable.”

Stalin was right.  It is enough that the people know there was an election.

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