Peg Cage prep notes for Chuck and Julie Show, September 23, 2022

The Hope – The National Republican Committee Platform, the Colorado Republican Committee bylaws and the laws of the state of Colorado all provide a pathway to create a grassroots Government Of the People. 

The Problem – The Good Ol’boys Party will lose their power, and the perks that go with that power, if they allow the grassroots to create a constitution-based Government Of the People.

The Solution – Replace the Good Ol’boys Party with a Government Of the People.*

The Method – Every geographical political division should have elected officers to represent the members of the major parties to their larger organizations.  Where these positions are vacant for the Republican Party, we need to fill them with grassroots, or Real Republicans.  Where there are RINOs or apathetic Republicans in these positions, we need to replace them with Real Republicans.  (See Project: 2022 Republican Caucus)

When we have a majority of Real Republicans in the Colorado Republican Committee, we can vote to replace the current chairman, who is part of the Good Ol’boys Party that has thwarted every effort to save our state from the growth of a tyrannical government, with a Real Republican who will make the Republican Party the force for Peace, Justice, and Liberty that it should be.

The good stuff!  WE DON’T NEED TO COMPLY!  They can’t succeed if we don’t let them. 

Three reminders of wins:
1. The members of the Colorado Republican Central Committee voted unanimously to file a lawsuit to challenge the constitutionality of Colorado’s open primary.

2. The 2021 Republican Caucus attendees sent a majority of Real Republican Delegates to the State Assembly, where a slate of Real Republicans was elected to the Primary Election ballots.

3. (THE BIG ONE FOR TODAY!)  The majority of Delegates to the State Assembly voted to pass the following resolution:

Resolution #2: We Require Integrity in Elections.
Whereas over the last 6 election cycles the people of Colorado, on both sides of the aisle,
continue to mistrust the accuracy of election results and whereas elections exist to give these same people a republican government they choose through democratic means that can be held accountable at the ballot box, and whereas illegally cast votes directly cancel out legally cast votes, Be It Resolved that the Colorado Republican Party supports each eligible voter actively registering to vote, ending automatic voter registration, and insists on the cleaning of county voter rolls so that only qualified voters receive ballots who then are required to show state-issued ID when voting in person. The Colorado Republican Party also supports locally controlled elections following the rule of law with verifiable counts and processes; rejects Secretary of State administrative rules used inconsistently in opposition to state law and changed in the midst of an election; opposes the use of private funds to assist in the administration of elections; calls for the development of a plan to hold elections during emergencies; and requests forensic audits of election machines and the maintaining of backup images of each hard drive in the voting system on an external hard drive, kept safe for the statutory 25 months or until the completion of all audits. Voting shall be in person on Election Day at the precinct voting center, with voter ID. Mail in ballots shall be permitted only for active-duty military, and registered voters who request a mail in ballot because they are physically unable to vote in person. Ballots should be counted by hand by election judges in each precinct.

Every single part of Colorado’s election process is currently being challenged by lawsuits.  We believe that the problems should have been remedied by now by the people in government or in party positions who were elected to secure honest elections for their constituents.  They have failed us, so we need to use the authority vested in our Audit and Canvass Board members to refuse to certify the machines, the Audits and the Official Abstract of Votes Cast.

Here is information about forcing election integrity by not certifying the elections:

* The reason for the repeated reference to GOP is the cease and desist letter that Jimi Mack and I received for our website and social media pages with the title  We’re guessing that we’re being effective in helping to educate people of the good things that could come of following the bylaws and laws, which challenges the current top-down model for the party.

When I was first being drug by my Mother-in-Law to political events, I had a private conversation with then Congressional District 4 Representative Marilyn Musgrave.  She shared her frustration that “We the People” had elected George W. Bush and a majority in both the House and Senate, and yet the wall wasn’t being built and the other issues we had trusted them all to correct, based on their campaign promises, were being ignored. 

Yet here we are still, trusting that the people we elect will do what they are supposed to do while we pat ourselves on the back and congratulate ourselves for having voted for the right side.

To abdicate our responsibility is to abdicate our liberty.

Article in Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle from one year ago, explaining why Democrats and RINOs fought our efforts to make Republican Primary Elections an opportunity for Colorado’s registered Republicans to choose candidates who align with the Party Platform.