Anil’s Thoughts on 2022 Colorado Amendments, Propositions, Local Races, State Races, and Federal Races.
Anil’s Pre-amble/Rant
I have been involved in Colorado Republican politics for at least 10 years and many “Republicans” are con artists, support democrat platform/principles, etc. Many Colorado “Republican” party officers, office holders are failures since they don’t (in action) align with our US Constitution and our Conservative Republican Platform (verified by most having Ds and Fs at the state level, see
14 Republican State Senators Score: B -1, C – 1, D – 2, F – 10
23 Republican State Rep. Score: A – 4, B – 1, C – 5, D – 7, F – 6
Overall Rep Scores (out of 37): A – 4, B – 2, C – 6, D – 9, F - 16
Further, most do not vet against our conservative documents. Many are compromised financial prostitutes aligned with big, crony business; ensuring money comes to their/allies’ pockets; conservative principles and constitution be damned in action! YET for the most part, vote your conscience and understand a no vote for a phony R (really dem) is a vote for the Communist Democrat from a mathematical sense. If you want, skip a race but don’t skip most races as your vote is needed!
The BIGGEST Problem, that is destroying the Republican Party, is Open Primary where non-Republicans pick “Republican” Candidates in the primary. Most Dem RINOs and the state GOP leader (she didn’t even join the federal case and was directed to by the SCC) supports Open Primary. It is clearly destroying the Republican party yet I don’t blame RINOs because they are naturally corrupt. I blame the grassroots who don’t fight; especially “Christians”. We need to fight! Even funny is that most non-Republicans who picked the “Republican” (democrat or Dem lite) candidate, don’t volunteer or donate and then the Dem RINOs have nerve to blame grassroots for not helping support the “Republican” candidate.
Also funny is that these Dem RINOs had no problem with Kevin Priola when his votes were with the democrats and as soon as he changed his affiliation to a Democrat, they now are upset; they were his buddies until he changed his registration and they didn’t rebuke him when he was an R Hypocrites now want to recall!  PS As Adams County Republican Chairman, I got Priola to sign a document in writing to support the Constitution and Conservative Republican Platform yet his SD didn’t hold him accountable.
Yet you need to vote as much as possible for Republicans. Local Races are the most important! Many local Republican candidates. Here are my personal thoughts on Amendments, Propositions, Local Races, State Races, and Federal Races.
Anil’s Vote Recommendations
Amendments (Amends the State Constitution – 3 Amendments) and Propositions (Amends State Statues aka “Law” – 8 Propositions) (I reviewed before looking at the Liberty Scorecard Recommendations - 2022 Ballot Measures – Liberty Scorecard Recommendations – Colorado Liberty Scorecard ( and only difference is on two items (minor in my view).
Amendment D – New 23rd Judicial District Judges – VOTE NO
Why? It will force an election for the people to pick those judges instead of Polis picking them.
Amendment E – Extend Homestead Exemption to Gold Star Spouses – VOTE NO
Why? Although admirable, this is dividing and conquering who has a right to a tax decrease and increase. The exemption must go to all taxpayers, not a segment of them!
Amendment F – Changes to Charitable Gaming Operations – VOTE YES
Why? Let a private business do what it is best for them.
Proposition FF – Healthy School Meals for All – VOTE NO
Why? No tax increase for anyone. Let the parents be involved fully in taking care of the children. Children are used as tax pawns all the time. Enough!
Proposition GG – Add Tax Information Table to Petitions and Ballots – VOTE NO
Why? This is dividing and conquering all taxpayers by balkanizing them into segments and put them against each other.
Proposition 121 – State Income Tax Rate Reduction – VOTE YES
Why? Reduces taxes! Should get to 0% tax ASAP!
Proposition 122 – Access to Natural Psychedelic Substances – VOTE NO
Why? Only because a Yes vote would increase government and increase taxes.
Proposition 123 – Dedicate Revenue for Affordable Housing Programs – VOTE NO
Why? It is not the government’s responsibility to be in the business of “affordable housing”. Government increase must be opposed to ensure “limited government” as per the US Constitution.
Proposition 124 – Increase Allowable Liquor Store Locations – VOTE YES
Why? Let a private business do what it is best for them.
Proposition 125 – Allow Grocery and Convenience Stores to Sell Wine – VOTE YES
Why? Let a private business do what it is best for them.
Proposition 126 – Third Party Delivery of Alcohol Beverages – VOTE YES
Why? Let a private business do what it is best for them.
Local Races
Adams County Offices (Sheriff, County Commissioners, Coroner, Clerk, Assessor, Treasurer, etc.) and HD Representatives, SD Senators – VOTE FOR the Republican Candidate
Statewide Races
Gov, AG, Treasurer – Vote R
Federal Races
CD 8 – Although Kirkmeyer (R) has a 56 F rating (last year she was second worst with a 42, just above Priola) with the Liberty Scorecard (Colorado Liberty Scorecard – The Liberty Scorecard of Colorado (, she is still better than a 9 F for the Communist Caraveo (D). Vote R.