Caucus meetings, which are held in the Spring of even years, are where Republicans in each precinct meet to elect their PCPs and Delegates.  Oftentimes, there are PCP positions that remain unfilled after the caucus, so every Colorado county has a process for filling those empty Precinct Committee Person spots. 

You can find contact information for your county’s Republican Party at  Most counties have a website where you can find the bylaws of the county and search for “vacancies” to find their procedure.  Or, just call the office or Chairman’s number and ask.  

Since a PCP is an elected position, the process usually includes a nomination at a monthly Executive Committee meeting by the District Captain who oversees your precinct, and then an election by the committee.  The contact for your county or their website can tell you when and where the next Executive Committee meeting will be.  All Republicans are welcome to attend the EC meetings, and you should have an easy time being put into an official position if you’re a helpful person who regularly attends the meetings. 

For more information about caucus meetings and the important duties of a PCP, please CLICK HERE.