December 5, 2022

Dear Representative Boebert,

TRUMP WON 2020. You knew it. You created the shirt, and I bought it - at an event that The Establishment boycotted because you were speaking. One of your many boycotted events.

YOU WON 2022. Undoubtedly by more than the .5% that triggered the automatic recount.

Why did “The Colorado GOP” go onto Fox News and ask your opponent to withdraw from the race he’s conceded, expressly to avoid a possible HAND RECOUNT?

Why is “The Colorado GOP” silent, AGAIN, as the 27 county clerks in your district prepare to break the state’s recount laws? Why is The Establishment lawyer telling you the law is “antiquated” and doesn’t need to be followed?

Why would “The Colorado GOP” quash the efforts to have ONLY Republicans vote in Republican primary elections? Why were you separated from your hard-working grassroots campaign team as soon as you won your Congressional District 3 primary in 2020? Why were you advised to not speak about the proof of election manipulation you saw in Mesa County? Why were you and all Republican candidates and GOP county chairmen instructed by “The Colorado GOP” NOT TO MENTION the lack of election integrity in Colorado’s “Gold Standard” election system? WHY?

BECAUSE TRUMP WON 2020, and “The Colorado GOP” Establishment does not like President Trump or his “Make America Great Again” movement. (Even though the Republican Platform is very pro-Trump!)  They have spent the last two years making sure that the system that made it look like Trump lost in 2020 was still in place in 2022. It was in place, it was used to manipulate votes, and it did put into office people that the Uni-party can control.

Representative Boebert, you are mighty brave in Washington DC, and we appreciate you. Now Colorado needs you. If your 27 counties do the recount legally, it could officially prove many of the election anomalies that have been used to install tyrants in place of honestly elected officials. We see election tampering being exposed throughout the world. The Lord has given us – He’s given you – 27 last chances right here in Colorado.

Please encourage the clerks in your district to do the recount according to the law. Please work with the small army of Patriot volunteers who are ready to assist with hand counting, if need be.

Colorado’s elections haven’t been certifiable since at least 2012. It’s time we use the law to stop the cheating. Please demand legal recounts in all twenty seven counties in your district. We stand with you!


Peg Cage
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This website has great collection of information about the recounts.


Recount Press Release .pdf file



Here is the schedule for the recounts.