January 25, 2023
By Maurice Emmer

(Find background information about this issue at THE EL PASO FIASCO.🔗)

Late last week the state chair presented the EPC leadership with a list of grievances presented to her by the Whiners of the so-called Peak Republicans. The state chair asked the EPC leadership to provide its responsive materials for distribution to the state CC along with the Whiners’ grievances. Today the state party chair distributed the Whiners’ “indictment” of the EPC GOP chair. But not EPC’s responsive letter.

As if more evidence were needed of the kangaroo court nature of this shameful matter, the state chair refused to circulate the EPC leadership’s statement because EPC’s statement exposes what everyone already knows: the special meeting is illegal. Pointlessly petulant and juvenile behavior by the state chair. as the EPC statement has been circulated informally throughout the state CC anyway. The state chair channels BIG TECH, futilely attempting to censor the EPC leadership.

EPC leadership’s statement is here: EL PASO GOP REJECTS PURPOSE OF SPECIAL MEETING.🔗

In her message today, the state chair claims she refused to circulate the EPC chair’s letter because it contained personal attacks. Did the state chair read the Whiners’ indictment? Nothing but personal attacks on the EPC chair. False and exaggerated ones at that.

Further, the state chair says she instructed the EPC chair to restrict her comments to the issue of why the EPC chair should chair the EPC reorganizational meeting. The state chair didn’t limit the Whiners’ comments similarly. But that issue is amazingly simple. The EPC chair should chair the EPC reorganizational meeting because SHE IS THE EPC CHAIR. Section 6.02 of the EPC bylaws say the chair shall chair all meetings. Nothing in the state bylaws addresses this, let alone overrides it. Did the state chair bother to read the EPC bylaws? Would it have mattered if she had?

The “indictment” consists of an undocumented parade of alleged horribles. One needn’t dive into all the detail to conclude these allegations should be rejected by the CC.  Read it here: EL PASO - ESTABLISHMENT DEMANDS CONTROL BACK.🔗

First, the complaints are not timely. The state GOP CC bylaws🔗 provide (Article XV D.) that any “dispute” (dictionary definition = "disagreement") from a county organization “expires” (dictionary definition = "dies") if not brought to the state chair within two weeks of the incident that led to the dispute. The “indictment” does not identify the times of any of the alleged incidents, nor does it claim that the two week rule was satisfied for any allegation. Therefore, on their face, all the allegations have “expired.”

The two week rule is fundamental. Without it, any petty disagreement from any county could be brought to the state CC. The state CC would have no time to attend to important matters; it would be swamped with bitchings and moanings similar to those reflected in the “indictment.”

Second, the allegations lack credibility. The first allegation in the “indictment” accuses the EPC chair of being “found guilty” of “violating state law” in a cited court case. This is a defamatory misrepresentation implying the commission of a crime. The case was civil, not criminal. As the Whiners who wrote the “indictment” undoubtedly know, civil cases do not result in a “guilty” finding; that case was no exception. The cited case was a dispute between a candidate for a state house seat and the house district central committee that had nominated a different candidate at its assembly. The EPC chair gave testimony and erroneously was named as a defendant; a county chair has no role in a house district assembly. Yet the Whiners characterize the EPC chair, who had no role, of criminal behavior.

This first allegation is important because it demonstrates that the Whiners’ allegations are false hyperbole. Waste time if you will reading the entire “indictment;” it lacks credibility.


Other matters: CC members from EPC have circulated information about the state chair’s conflict of interest in that her father is one of the Whiners. Some say this is reason for the chair to recuse herself. I say it is reason to cancel the meeting. They also have pointed out the part of the Whiners’ motivation is that the EPC chair and her team have accumulated $70,000 in the EPC GOP’s coffers and the Whiners want to control the money.

Some state CC members have contacted the state chair asking her to withdraw the meeting call.🔗 I am disappointed that the other state officers have not done so. If you are a member of the state CC, please ask the chair to cancel the special meeting. If she does not, then you must attend the meeting and repeatedly move to adjourn it.

If this meeting goes forward, and especially if the state chair persists in her support of the Whiners and her attack on the EPC leadership, there will be three losers: the state chair, the Whiners, and Colorado GOP.

Best regards,

Maurice Emmer
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