January 24, 2023
From John Heimsoth

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Dear Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown & State Central Committee,

As a bonus member in El Paso County, it’s vital for me to let you know why this dispute from a small group of disgruntled agitators is before you.

Once again, this same group of chaos-makers is dragging the entire state into their schemes.

The reason we are having a special meeting is because Kristi Burton Brown agreed to give these mischief-makers a chance to use you to get them back in POWER, and more importantly, control of the MONEY.

The simple truth is that these people who lost the party elections two years ago desperately want you to hand them control of the $70,000 in donor money that is in the El Paso County Republican bank account.

Please don’t let them use the state central committee as the vehicle to get back into power. If they want to lead our county party, then they need to win over the voters… not strip them of their voter rights and disenfranchise the precincts they represent.

What’s clear is that the purpose of the meeting violates both our bylaws and state law. Also, the preferred outcome from these usurpers would create a precedent making all county parties subject to the state. In other words: No more self-governance for any county party.

The law, and our own rules, do not empower the state party to proactively remove a chair from her duties and disenfranchise the voting rights of precinct committee persons. This would be clear suicide if we allowed it.

With all that said, I’m writing you, and KBB, to demand that KBB recuse herself from chairing the meeting and allow our Vice-Chair, Priscila Rahn, to run the special meeting on January 31, 2023, because:

  1. KBB has a clear conflict of interest due to her father, Mike Burton, being a party to this dispute and complaint.
  2. KBB will not allow El Paso County Republicans to provide a defense to these unfounded accusations without censoring what we say. This is wildly inappropriate.
  3. KBB called this meeting admitting that her dad and the rest of the complainants failed to gain the 25% petition threshold of our whole state committee to force a special meeting. KBB is orchestrating this fight because she seeks a preferred outcome.

Therefore, I, John Heimsoth, a duly elected Bonus Member from El Paso County, demand that Kristi Burton Brown recuse herself from administering the special meeting she called for on January 31, 2023, because of the aforementioned reasons. I further demand that a response be given from KBB to this request before the meeting next Tuesday.

We are a party of law, order, and fairness, not a party of nepotism or injustice.

John Heimsoth