January 26, 2023
By Mr. Todd Watkins

(For more information about the situation, see THE EL PASO FIASCO.🔗)

Here is the allegation by the 13 Pikes Peak United Republicans (PPUR) against the El Paso County GOP that is the basis for disenfranchising 65 PCPs that were seated after caucus. These were vacant PCP spots that the El Paso County GOP filled after the caucus meetings in February 2022:

e) While the El Paso County Bylaws require consultation with a division leader before a vacant precinct leader spot is filled, Chairwoman Tonkins appoints precinct leaders at will, with no consultation. This is in clear violation of the bylaws.

Here is the part of the El Paso County GOP bylaws they allege the El Paso County GOP violated (7.04):

A. After consultation with any incumbent precinct leader and division leader, the members of the Vacancy Committee shall select a successor to fill any vacancy in the office of precinct leader.

Assuming that the PCPs who filled the vacancies are registered as Republicans in the relevant precincts, and given the fact that the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary serve as the PCP vacancy committee, what the 13 PPUR are alleging is that the consultation with ANY incumbent precinct leader and division leader did not happen. To be clear, in order for a PCP vacancy to be filled, the PCP vacancy committee (consisting of the chairperson, vice-chairperson, and secretary of the El Paso County GOP as per 7.04 (C)(2)) shall consult with ANY incumbent PCP and ANY incumbent division leader. Let it be known that those volunteers who are recruiting volunteers to fill PCP vacancies are, in fact, incumbent PCPs and division leaders. And due to the desertion of Karl Schneider from his post as vice-chairperson, the vacancy committee now consists of the chairperson and the secretary. This is another unfounded allegation against a dedicated and well-meaning county party led by a dedicated and well-meaning party chairperson.