January 26, 2023
By Maurice Emmer

(For more information, see THE EL PASO FIASCO🔗)

By attempting to substitute someone to chair the [El Paso County GOP] reorganizational meeting, KBB is attempting to amend sec. 6.02 of the E0C GOP bylaws. But sec. 13.01 A. provides that the bylaws can be amended only by 2/3 of the county CC present and voting at a meeting called at least 15 days in advance for the purpose of the amendment. That has not been done, so her attempt violates the EPC bylaws in this additional way.

Another way to put this:
If the Whiners wanted someone else to preside at the reorganizational meeting, there was a legal way to do it. Call for an EPC GOP CC meeting to consider a bylaws amendment and round up the votes to make the change. They couldn’t, I guess, so instead they lobbied the outgoing state chair to undertake an illegal procedure. An illegal procedure should not be supported when there is a legal avenue available.

Best regards,

Maurice Emmer
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