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January 28, 2923

Letter to our CO Republican Leadership,


This attempt from the corrupt 13, using fabricated accusations, is nowhere close to decent behavior.

I believe you still have that decent human in you, and pray your conscience is screaming at you - do the right thing.

Division, Division, Division - a constant preaching we need to come together - The Establishment 13, in fear of losing their power and money, were not so vicious in the effort to sweep aside, the true Republican voters of El Paso County (Ten Thousand activated and counting), Unity would have a chance.

Zero doubt that, like the Biden Admin hiding what the TS materials will show, our El Paso County Establishment 13, now pressuring you to hold this farce meeting on Jan 31, have much to hide.  

God doesn't choose sides - God needs you to choose Him - Abe Lincoln. 


Mark Johnson