Bruce Barker, the Weld County Attorney, advised the Board of County Commissioners not to issue variances to several business owners in the county because he concluded that “PHO 20-28 is without legal effect.”

The Memorandum that Mr. Barker wrote to the Board, attached in full at the bottom of this article, explains in detail how he reached that conclusion. Some of his reasoning for that advice:
“PHO 20-28 cites no authority in statute for its support.”
“None of the rules in PHO 20-28 were published in the Colorado Register March 10 – May 25, 2020. Therefore, procedurally the issuance of PHO 20-28 did not comply with the requirements…”
“…I did a search of the Colorado Courts On-line-filing system and found no cases brought by the Colorado Attorney General (“AG”) to enforce PHO 20-28, or for that matter, any of the other COVID-19 related PHO’s.”

BUSINESS OWNERS! PLEASE WATCH THIS! Weld County Attorney Bruce Barker was on with Karen Kataline when she was guest hosting the Chuck and Julie Show on June 15, 2020.

The interview with Mr. Barker starts at 12:20. I joined the show at 34:20 to ask for advice for our Boulder County businesses.

Be sure to watch at 38:50, when a video clip is played of Jared Polis saying “…the thing about an order… there’s never any criminal enforcement of that order. It’s just saying ‘This is important enough to be called an order…’”

Mr. Barker concluded this interview by saying “People need to know how to deal with other people and circumstances, how to take precautions on their own. And that goes back to individual responsibility, and I think these orders have a tendency to say ‘well we’re not going to allow you to have individual responsibility. Instead, we’re going to order you to do what we think you ought to do and how you ought to live your life.’ I don’t think that sits well up here in Weld County.” (Starts at 40:58.)

Karen followed up by adding “…What bothers me… is the enormous amount of good will that we offer to people that have no good will towards us.” She pointed out that many of the Democrat governors across the nation were making the same sort of “mistakes” in their “supposed executive orders,” and speculated that they are “doing this dishonestly on purpose so they can’t be held accountable later.”

MY CONCLUSION: The Public Health Order was issued in March and extended several times. Mr. Baker’s Memorandum was issued on June 1. In the interim, mask wearing became mandatory; peaceful protests were held to ask the governor to lift the restrictions; most churches and places of worship stayed closed or capitulated to the orders; nursing homes became isolation prisons for our elderly; government mandates stopped normal life; George Floyd was killed; riots broke out all over the world; and people were left with very few leaders to quell their fears.

We are getting a taste of what the Democrats had in store for America once Hillary Clinton “won” the 2016 election. I believe that a move of God, in answer to prayer, pushed concerned Americans to the polls and swept Donald Trump into office.

But it was not so people could go back to living a life of blissful political ignorance. Donald Trump’s election was just a stay of execution for America. We were given four years to decide if we love our country enough to work to save her. If we really want America to look like Seattle and so many other Democrat-run cities, or not.

Our failure to keep the House of Representatives in 2018 promoted Pelosi to third in line to the presidency. Rather than serving her constituents, she is using her governmental office as a command post to lead the Democrats in the attack against our President, the American people, and basic law and order.

The choice is clear. If we want to save America, we must pray and take action. Pray and invest of ourselves by supporting and promoting real Republican office holders and candidates.

Ours is a Government OF the People. We must be the leaders in our own communities who take personal responsibility and boldly stand for our churches, families, friends and even people we don’t know. Use your voice. Seek the truth and kindly tell the truth. Start with God. With Him, all things are possible.

As we celebrate on INDEPENDENCE DAY the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and the King’s tyrannies, I’d like to challenge all of us to consider signing a personal declaration of independence from the tyrannies of the Democrat Party. Burn your mask, smile at people, open your business, serve people. Avoid COVID like any other virus, but don’t let these mandates with “no legal effect” keep you from seeking life and liberty and pursuing happiness!

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Peg Cage is the Republican candidate for Colorado State Senate District 18.

The Memorandum from Bruce Barker, Weld County Attorney, to Board of County Commissioners: