May 4, 2022

Letter to Colorado House of Representatives Regarding SB-153
From Peg Cage, Creator of, Former Chairman of Boulder County Republicans

Dear Colorado Representatives,

Except for a very few of you, you will again today ignore the will of the people.

I write today specifically about SB-153. 

Colorado’s motto is “Nothing without Providence.”  Her government is set up in a biblical pattern, with caucuses and assemblies as the foundation, culminating in this body of “Representatives,” supposedly the people’s representatives in government.

Today before you is a bill that will “legalize” methods of election manipulation that have been proven to keep citizens from confirming who was “elected.”  It is a disgusting piece of legislation that Representatives who were honestly elected wouldn’t have the backing from their constituents to even consider. 

If you pass this, what happens?  Frankly, although the laws will be rewritten to accommodate this brazen legislation, not much will change in Colorado’s election system, as it has been perverted for decades. 

(Seriously, how else do you think such people as yourselves could have been “elected?”)

I learned a lot about Colorado’s elections when I was the Chairman of Boulder County’s Republican Party.  One of the jobs of a functioning party is to conduct the canvass of the county’s elections.  Boulder County Republicans have a long history of taking that job seriously and NOT certifying elections due to the impossibility of verifying the eligibility of the voters in mail ballot elections.  Secretary of State Wayne Williams proved our contention by simply giving “ballots cast” a tortured and unnatural definition.  After many consecutive elections that were not certified by Boulder County Republicans, and prior to the General Election in 2016, Williams defined ballots cast as “ballots received by the county clerk in an election, except those returned as undeliverable.”  This was a huge step towards centralizing power in the County Clerks, using the Secretary of State’s centralized (and unverifiable) voter rolls, and removing citizen involvement in their elections and canvass boards.   

Links to Boulder County Canvass Reports and Majority and Minority Canvass Reports from 2010 to the present are at, along with many detailed articles about why elections conducted under the type of laws you intend to pass today are bad for the citizens of Colorado.  Just click on the meme with George Washington’s face and the caption “What! You Let Government Run Your Elections?!”

Perhaps, it will be a good thing for you to pass this legislation.  At least then we will have in writing the fact that Colorado’s elections are perverted beyond repair.  Then, Citizens can file lawsuits to have this legislation and the corrupt traditions of Colorado’s government-centric elections overturned so the will of the citizens can once again be the central purpose of elections.

I urge a NO vote on SB-153.

Peg Cage, Longmont CO

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