By Anna Ferguson, Adams County Vice Chairman.
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I recently read an article dated 11/14/22 by Bente Birkeland called ‘An extinction level event’: Colorado Republicans react to deep election losses, which focused the blame for the blowout that Republican candidates took on election day to the MAGA, election-questioning, grassroots patriots. The losses we had here and throughout the country were disappointing but not surprising.  The GOP leadership continues to fail us over and over again. 

“Frankly, it couldn't be much worse,” said Dick Wadhams.  Is he really that out of touch with what has been going on all around us?  How can it be much worse? Republicans have no way of passing anything representing our conservative values, no way of voting against anything the Democrats propose, so how can it be worse? We have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER to stop the progressive movement that has been pushed on us for the last few years.

He goes on to say we put up very good candidates.  Really?  Are you talking about the ones that told us to keep quiet about election fraud, or the ones that support abortion no matter what the circumstance or tried to distance themselves from that issue toward the end of their campaign because they feared losing unaffiliated votes, or the ones that want to work across the aisle with Democrats and compromise our values to get things done, or the ones that supported Biden’s policies?  

Those one’s Dick?

Those were the candidates that WE were told were ‘ELECTABLE!'  Not the grassroots candidates that were overwhelmingly supported BY THE REPUBLICANS at the assembly!!!  No, not them, they were all ‘UNELECTABLE!'

We were told it was the smarter choice to go with the ones that petitioned on, you know, those ‘electable’ ones.  The ones that paid big money to get signatures from anyone and everyone that were NOT being told the facts about what they were signing.  The ones that were secretly supported by our GOP leaders before the primary. The ones that were backed by big (corrupt) money.  The one’s that believe that money and power are the most important things.  How did all that money work out for them?

And Colin Larson’s interpretation of what’s wrong with the Republican Party is also out of touch with reality - completely oblivious of the facts.  Can he not see that his idea of what needs to be done is exactly why we lost? Are they all living in fantasyland? How much longer are they going to blame Trump, MAGA, January 6th, and election denialism?  Are we really going to continue to believe our elections are the ‘Gold Standard?'  Really? 

They convinced us we needed to shut up about these things and vote for the candidates they pushed.  We did.  We voted all red, while holding our noses for some of them, and we still lost.  Not just lost, we got eviscerated!

The Republican leadership has been pushing their misguided approach for years and yet still NOTHING has gotten any better!  How much longer are we going to play this game by those rules and continue to lose?  We’ve done it your way, maybe it’s time you took our approach.  You want unity in this party?  You wanted us to do it your way to get that unity?  Now it’s your turn to put your money where your mouth is regarding ‘unity’ and try it our way. 

So, to address Dick Wadhams’ concern of not knowing what it is going to take to reverse this?  I can give you many ways to get that done and can show you irrefutable proof of the corruption in our election system if you give us the time to show you.  BUT the first and most important thing to do right now, is to replace the current State GOP officers.  They have led us to where we are right now.  They, along with many others that support their strategies, have failed the party miserably and all need to be replaced. 

We can no longer accept GOP leadership that will NOT support closing our primary (as KBB has rejected even after the majority voted to support the lawsuit), will support candidates that do NOT fight for OUR values (as KBB did, even though we are to believe she is pro-life), are NOT in support of the caucus and assembly process (as KBB proved unquestionably when she manipulated the state assembly process and her cohort Eli Bremer further proved when he stated he’d like to kill the caucus system), and will NOT fight tooth-and-nail to get rid of the Dominion machines (as KBB ignores because she stands with people like Wayne Williams, the Bremers, the GOP lawyer Chris Murray whose law firm, Brownstein, also lobbies for Dominion, and the rest of her cronies whose only interest is to further their power and line their pockets). 

They do NOT listen to the will of the people, not at assembly, not now, not ever.  No, we will NOT accept that leadership anymore!!

KBB, I suggest you accept a new cushy job with Brownstein as your reward for a job well done in destroying the Republican Party, because like it or not, your term is up in March 2023!

Update July 18, 2023

Anna Ferguson is now the elected Secretary of the Colorado Republican Committee!  She is a leader in the 2023 GREAT COLORADO OPT-OUT!🔗