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Actually, this is probably not the last egregious overstep🔗 of Kristi Burton Brown's authority as Chairman of the Colorado Republican Committee.  After all, we do have nearly a month to go before her term is up.  We know to expect more shenanigans at the SCC meeting and leading up to it.  Knowing how she plays will help us keep her and The Establishment in check until she's replaced on March 11.

For some background information on the "ongoing internal conflict in El Paso County," please see The El Paso Fiasco.🔗

By Maurice Emmer

On January 16, the chair of the Colorado GOP Central Committee (CC) issued a highly unusual call🔗 for a January 31 special meeting of the CC to consider the following agenda:

The business of the special meeting shall be strictly limited to adopting temporary rules for the meeting and two main motions to address the following:

  1. To determine the status and regularity of the organization of the El Paso County GOP and to establish procedures regarding the rules, execution, and conduct of the upcoming reorganizational (sic)* meeting required in statute of the El Paso County GOP to ensure there is integrity in the election of officers and bonus members.
  2. To determine the legally valid list of members of the Central Committee of the El Paso County GOP.

The chair’s message accompanying the call says she has heard concerns from “a large number of State Central Committee members” that led to her issuing the call.  Note that the sections of the state bylaws she cites as authority for the call requires a call when ONE-QUARTER of the CC members have demanded a meeting IN WRITING.  Notably, the chair omits to claim that she has received written demand from at least one-quarter of the CC members.  The one-quarter threshold is important because it should prevent the calling of unnecessary meetings over matters not of general concern to the CC. This implies that the chair, on her own initiative, has issued this call in response to an unknown number of complaints from unknown and unidentified members of the CC.  While this is authorized by the bylaws, it is very bad practice.

Apart from the question whether the CC has the authority to take the actions described in the agenda for the meeting, this call is troubling.  It indicates that the chair can be influenced by a small number (presumably fewer than 25%) of the CC membership.  This only encourages other small dissident groups to pressure the chair (whoever that might be from time to time) over any number of grievances that should remain local matters.

It should be noted that item 1. of the agenda consists of two sub-items.  They are a. to determine the status and regularity [whatever that is] of the [existing] organization of the EPC GOP, and b. to establish procedures for the upcoming organizational meeting in EPC.

As to a., why is a meeting required for this item?  The call presents no information to question the regularity of the existing EPC GOP.  Vague claims have circulated about the regularity of the existing EPC GOP; vague claims are not a proper basis for convening the entire CC.  Will information be circulated in advance to members of the CC so that they can understand why a meeting is called for this purpose?  If not, the meeting is unfair, as CC members cannot be properly prepared.

As to sub-item b., it is unnecessary to hold a meeting to establish procedures for an organizational meeting.  Such procedures are prescribed by statute and the state GOP bylaws.  Any attempt to impose other procedures would be invalid, as it would contravene existing, well understood rules.  The proper role of the CC is to wait until after the organizational meeting.  If, after the meeting, any EPC GOP members have concerns about how the meeting was conducted, then they can complain to the state executive committee and the CC if necessary.

Further, the call refers to “two main motions.”  This implies that motions already have been drafted.  Where are they?  Have they been circulated to the CC members?  If not, why not?  Is it possible they are not disclosed because this is a bushwhack of the current EPC GOP leadership?

The conduct of the state chair in this regard is unconscionable.  CC members should object to this call and should ask the chair to withdraw it.  If she does not withdraw it, CC members should attend and reject any motions proposed pursuant to the stated agenda.

Maurice Emmer

*The correct name of the meeting is Organizational Meeting.