Due to threats to the facility, we must cancel your (shhh - election integrity) event tonight.  It's happened more than once.  And who knows how many potential events never happened because so many venue owners fear thugs or the IRS (redundancy?) destroying their property or taking away their tax status.  I personally have hosted an (ei) event🔗 where the live stream was shut down after only 5 minutes and the account was temporarily closed.  (Funny, it was opened again right after the 2022 election!)  That night, we recorded a live stream video on another other channel, but it was quickly removed - vanished off of YT.  The slides from the presentation are HERE.🔗

There are so many "anomalies" that a person could spend days reading the books and watching the videos explaining what's been happening to our "elections."  Here's a mind map with links🔗 to some of that information.  Here's the section on (ei).🔗 

Tina Peters, noun. Tina Petered, verb.  The first is the Mesa County Clerk who did her job and saved the election data from the 2021 local election before the Secretary of State's team conducted a "trusted build" on her election equipment.  The verb was coined after she exposed that records had been deleted during the SOS's activity.  Many more people might work towards (election integrity) if they weren't afraid of being Tina Petered. 

The three Mesa County Forensic Reports🔗 that were created from Tina Peters' records are being called the Rosetta Stone of (ei) because experts can use them to decipher where (ei) is lacking.  

For her contribution to (ei) efforts, Tina Peters is being Tina Petered:


Now Sandra Brown is being Tina Petered:

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) - A former Mesa County Elections Manager is headed to jail this Friday.

A judge sentenced Sandra Brown to 30 days and two years probation.

Prosecutors accused her of helping former county clerk Tina Peters make copies of election computer hard drives in 2021.

A Grand Jury indicted Peters for election fraud.

The judge told Brown he can yank this sentence and impose a far longer one if she does not comply with her promise to testify against Peters.

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You've heard of political prisoners, doors broken down, phones confiscated, lawsuits brought, reputations ruined, clients scared off...

Many Colorado County Clerks and canvass board members were too afraid of being Tina Petered to NOT certify the 2022 elections, despite the Mesa findings and the elections being likely uncertifiable.🔗  Is it any wonder that government doesn't reflect the voters, when the vote is conducted by the government?

Like Tina Peters herself, some people keep on going and working to wake people up to the lack of integrity in our elections.  Meet Jeff O'Donnell.  One of the authors of the Mesa Reports and now this report:  Fingerprints Of Fraud.🔗  It's an amazing report. 
Here's a video teaser:  


What can we do about it?  Now that we understand we have an (ei) problem, we need to DO SOMETHING about it to stop tumbling towards tyranny.  The slide show🔗 presented by Shawn Smith and Jeff Young at the (ei) event that was removed from YT tells us what we can do.  They both represented Cause of America,🔗 which is a good place to get tools for your ELECTION INTEGRITY pursuit!  Now that you know about it why not shout it?  They can't Tina Peter all of us, but we can all be like Tina Peters!

- END - by Peg Cage