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June 22, 2022

Attention: Colorado County Political Party Chairmen and Canvass Board Members

Please be aware that the 2022 Colorado primary election results are likely not certifiable.  Canvass board members have already been selected and will meet prior to July 20th.  Their sole purpose will be to verify and certify, OR NOT, the primary election results. 

“The Colorado election system dangerously assumes that elections belong to the government, rather than the people.  The people conduct elections to choose government.” 
  – From the 2016 Colorado Voter Group Election Integrity Report.  Required reading for canvass board members and concerned citizens.

The current design of the election system is not certifiable for known reasons:

Since 2012, many county elections haven not been fully certified. 
You do not have to certify the election, and we ask you not to do so.

Visit www.MyColoradoGOP.org for more information.
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Tina Peters and Others Request Recounts!  CLICK HERE TO READ


7-6-2022 GOP and Election Presentation Zoom meeting - https://rumble.com/v1bnzth-2022-gop-and-election-presentation.html
and slideshow - https://mycoloradogop.org/images/PDFs/StevenBrown2022GOPandElectionPresentation.pdf

Please give your County Party Chairman (D or R) the above links and ask their Canvass Board member to seriously consider if they should certify your county's primary election. Colorado’s "Gold Standard" election system hasn't been verifiable for a decade; if it can't be verified, it shouldn't be certified.

If the citizen representatives - Canvass Board Members - refuse to certify the county level elections, the Secretary of State CANNOT certify the state. (Yes, the "sElected" legislature passed SB-153, which says the SOS can override a county's Canvass Board decision, but that needs tested for constitutionality.)

Gather a list of your friends who believe there are problems with our elections, we'll need to work together to correct them.