Oct. 19, 2022

I am an election denier.

I deny that there was an election in 2020.  Or in June of 2022.  In fact, for the last couple decades, we Coloradoans have experienced corrupt paper-shuffle "election shows" that have resulted in the steady increase of tyrannical government.  “Elections,” the method by which the sovereign citizens of a free state choose under whom they will consent to be governed, are things of the distant past.

Was Stalin right when he said, “It’s enough that the people know there was an election…”?  How can we be content to accept the results of “elections” when every part of the election process is now, or has been, challenged in court?  When NOT ONE lawsuit has been allowed to go to trial?  When, as Secretary of State, Wayne Williams solved the problem of not being able to verify voters in mail ballots elections by defining “ballots cast” as something the county clerk does, effectively removing voter verification (and voters!) from the election process?  Why are we going complacently into yet another election season with nothing changed?  Maybe because it’s easier to sit down and shut up than it is to deal with the ramifications of pointing out the obvious – “That wasn’t an election!”  (By the way, Williams is now a Senior Advisor for Runbeck Election Services.)

Why are we called “Election Deniers” when we encourage honest elections, held on one day, where voters verified as eligible receive their unique paper ballot, vote it in secret, have their ballots accounted for with a strict chain of custody, counted by hand at the precinct level in a transparent operation, then verified and certified by representative partisan Canvass Board members?  I think it’s because honest elections would put dishonest politicians out of power, and the “election show” producers would, in turn, be out of business.  Think about it – it’s a HUGE business, with HUGE profits coming directly out of the taxpayer’s pockets, as directed by dishonest politicians.  A large part of the election show is propaganda, which rewards the radically complacent and demonizes the “Deniers.” 

This is where they want us to say, “There’s no proof that the 2020 election was stolen.”  There IS proof – but it is hard to get it out there with all the censorship.  Here are a few examples of censorship and intimidation I’ve experienced -   

  • My website, MyColoradoGOP.org, was temporarily shut down when I was working with primary election canvass board members from around the state to show them that Colorado’s elections are not certifiable and helping them write their minority reports.
  • We received an intimidating cease and desist letter from the Colorado Republican Committee’s lawyer, (whose law firm also represents Dominion), telling us to stop using the URL “MyColoradoGOP.org” for the website, on Facebook, on Telegram, and in our email address.  He claimed that we needed the CRC Executive Committee’s permission to use their name. Our lawyer pointed out that their name is “Colorado Republican Committee,” and while they’re often referred to as “The GOP,” in our case “GOP” stands for “Government Of the People.”  We haven’t heard from him since.

We hosted an election integrity debate called “Gold Standard or Pyrite?”  Matt Crane, the Colorado County Clerks Association Executive Director, was invited to debate United States Election Integrity Plan’s Colonel Shawn Smith, Air Force retired.  Crane said “the time for debate is over” in his text stating he wouldn’t attend.  So “Data Jeff” Young joined Smith for a presentation to debunk Crane’s “proof” that the elections were honest.

  • As Shawn and Jeff began to speak, the YouTube livestream was shut down. The livestream address had been advertised on the event flier. 
  • The hosting church quickly switched to another channel to continue the livestream, but YouTube also removed that video shortly afterward. 

Sadly, the video was never recovered but the slide show the gentlemen presented is on MyColoradoGOP.org.

Amidst the confusion and incredulity of being shut down, one might forget to wonder if Matt Crane’s power in the CCCA includes a direct line to YouTube’s censorship department?  If there’s really nothing to debate, why not just show up and tell us where we’re wrong?  If it’s not worth showing up, why remove the video?

I could go on and on but suffice it to say – it’s easy to deny that we have elections in Colorado.   

So now what?  Do we just stop voting?  NO!  NO!  NO!  Vote! Please vote!  Vote on election day, in person, on a new paper ballot, for the candidate with the most integrity in each category, and against any issue that would grow government.  Ask everyone you know to vote, especially for the local candidates who have the biggest influence on our lives.  And let’s get involved, wherever we can, to be a positive influence in our communities. 

Please pray for justice in the expedited lawsuit recently brought against the Secretary of State, and for Clerk Tina Peters’ US Supreme Court Case.  Please pray that God will help us bring the United States of America back from the brink of Communism – starting right here in Colorado.